Privacy Notice

Why does collect visitor information?

We gather information with three objectives in mind:

To fulfill your order accurately and quickly.

To learn how we can improve your shopping experience.

To help us meet our commitment to privacy.

When you visit our site, you have the option of creating the user account, which is required to place an online order from our store.

our user account also gives you free access to these valuable features:

Save your selections for as long as you like.

Get access to special promotions if you choose to opt into our promotional emails.

View delivery details and lead times instantly.

Creating a user account is easy:

Enter your email address.

Choose and confirm a password, and you can ask us to remember you automatically.

Does the website remember me automatically?

our uses a technology called "cookies " to remember you and the information you are saving. When you visit our website, we send you back a cookie, a small text file that includes a temporary inquiry number, your IP address, plus any items you've chosen. The information we store in cookies is also linked to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our site. Your web browser has a special folder on your computer where it keeps cookies. Cookies cannot harm your computer in any way. Only the website that places a cookie on your computer is allowed to read it; no other website may access the cookie places on your computer.

If you are visiting us from a computer that only you or your family use, cookies present no security concern. However, if you are using a shared computer in a public environment (i.e. a library or work), others using that computer to visit our can log in as you. Although we never displays your credit card information on our website, someone logging in as you could access less confidential data, such as your name or shipping address. If this applies to you, consider choosing not to be "remembered " when you register using a shared computer in a public environment. Instead, log in at each visit.

Cookies make your shopping experience much easier. If you are trying to decide between two sofas, the cookie enables your computer to find those items again without doing a whole new search. Your browser looks in its cookie folder, finds your cookie and tells us that you want to look at the same sofas again.

When you add an item to your Shopping Cart, request a price, or place an order, your cookie may hold information with the details of the items you're considering ordering.

If you don't want any information stored in a cookie, you can set your browser not to accept cookies, but remember that cookies make your purchases easy. They enable your computer to keep a list of items you're considering or to place them directly in your Shopping Cart (so you don't have to re-enter them manually)

What visitor information does the website keep track of?

Information tracked automatically is generic and doesn't include any personal details:

When you log onto the Internet, your computer says to your Internet service, "Here I am; talk to me! " by requesting an IP (Internet Protocol) address, sort of like asking for a seat at an electronic table with numbered seats. Your Internet service's computer responds by saying, "OK, for this session, you sit at #12. " Some providers assign you a permanent or "static " IP address, but most use temporary ones. This helps assure your privacy, because it's difficult - if not impossible - to collect personal information about you via a temporary address.

Our site keeps a general list of visitors' IP addresses. This gives us broad, generic information such as how many Rogers users log onto our website and helps us maintain compatibility with many different Internet services.records browser types and versions so we can answer questions such as, "How many of our visitors were using Google Chrome last month? " This tells us what features our visitors can make use of and helps us keep our website up to date.

We record how many people visited each page on our site. This helps answer questions such as, "What items or pages are drawing a lot of interest this month? "

When you access our site, we may additionally collect and store device sign-on data (including device ID) and geolocation data in order to provide our services.We may also record which site or search engine referred you to us.

This information enhances your shopping experience: images look better, pages load more quickly, and this site remains compatible with more browsers and systems. Information you enter when you register or place an order makes your shopping experience at our website easy:

At any point while you're browsing, you can place an item in your Shopping Cart. When you're done browsing, you can review your Shopping Cart. If you want to place an order, indicate the item(s) you wish to order and click the Proceed to Checkout button. Enter your delivery information, including name, address, and preferred contact time/method in case we need to get in touch with you about your order.

The next screen gives you a price quote for the item(s) you're ordering, including price and applicable sales tax.

The Purchase button then displays options for payment: You can enter credit card information here.